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Planet Gizmo

On Planet Gizmo a small block was observed, State (1), sliding down an inclined plane. A "down-the-plane" coordinate, "s", was imagined with the block at its origin, s = 0 at the time, t = 0+. The mass of the block is: m = 8kg. Initially the elevation of the block and its its kinetic energy were: zB,1 = 6m and KEB,1 = 4J, respectively.

A datum for vector space and potential energy (x = 0, z = 0) and a unit vector basis (I and K) are defined on the sketch.

Position: PB,1 = PB,2 =
Speed: |V|B,1 = |V|B,2 =
Velocity: VB,1 = VB,2 =
Local Acceleration
(on GIZMO)
gGIZMO = Note: These characteristics and properties can calculated but not in the order listed. Place answers in these boxes.
Momentum: mVB,1 = mVB,2 =
Potential Energy: PEB,1 = PEB,2 =
Kinetic Energy: KEB,1 = KEPB,2 =
State (2)

Later at State (2), the time is t = 4 seconds and the occurs later Later, at time

Write the Velocity as speed times direction.

Write its Momentum in component form.

Planet Gizmo

Consider a block of mass 6 kilograms. The block was first observed moving down a frictionless plane with a kinetic energy of 19,200 Joules, State (1). We set the time (the moment of first observation) to be, t = 0+. The coordinate "S," is added to denote distance down the plane.

Calculate the speed, velocity, kinetic energy, position as a function of time, potential energy, and position and velocity in 3 seconds (not necessarily in order):

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