The House and Scenes

870 Soquili Drive
Brevard North Carolina, 28712

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Our home was built in 1984. Our land has beauty now but there was sadness in its past. These North Carolina lands were lived on, originally by the civilization of the Cherokee Indians in 1830. The land was taken from them.

Knowing this, in some manner of tribute, developers of this tract south of Brevard, used names of the Cherokee language to identify its roads and contours. Thus "Soquili," a word of the Cherokee language, means horse. We have greatly enjoyed the past 20 living on "Horse Drive."


We are in the mountains. Hills everywhere. We're from Florida - flat there. Nicely for walking around our house are many pathes and lanes are reasonably flat. We enjoy that. We walk dogs to make sure we get home. That's our dog, Sara. Looking out for bears - down the lane. Click on Sara.

I might be getting out of order here (I think I am.) Up right, that's Holland Ayers showing her Grand-Pop my Koi in the Box-Pond. We have a lake behind (Lake Atagahi), a vinyl dugout pond (18ft dia.), and the remains of a stream, boxed in to be what I call the "creek." ... (~1000sqft surface - 18" average depth).

Everything grows like crazy up here. Below I'll show images of two redwood trees I planted. And we have a Chinese Maple out front. I cut that tree too much once. It came back.

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