Basic Thermodynamics ~ J. Pohl ©  (A~10/14)     (A~TOC)

THERMO Spoken Here!  is more than Basic Thermodynamics. The "more" are topics refreshed from HS physics and calculus. TSH is written to connect prerequisite topics with those of beginning Engineering Thermodynamics. Beginning at a 10th-grade Geek's level, a stepping-stone path of topics with examples lead to and include the beginning of engineering thermodynamics. Aspects of the content are:

Newton's Laws of Motion:  These are the basis of classical mechanics and classical thermodynamics. In high discusses "f = mA," with minimal use of the vector math or calculus Newton used (1687). Newton's 2nd is viewed from his perspective, "momemtum," in equaton form as    d(mV)/dt = ΣF. This 2nd Law equation form is the same as the mass equation, energy equation and others in science.

Vectors and Calculus:  Newton used vectors and calculus to explain events of physical reality and to convey his understandings to others (not to be fancy - Newton needed the math). Beginning mathematics, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, vectors and calculus... are presented and used - no steps omitted. Expressed mathematically, many principles of physics and engineering are seen to have a common form alike. The principal math tool is the first-order, ordinary differential equation. Such mathematics is used repeatedly with explanation in every example.

Closed and Open System Analysis:  Some 250 proposed, solved and explained examples are presented.

I hope the writing at   THERMO Spoken Here!   will be of use to you,


James Pohl, PhD
February 15, 2018